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By Sarah on October 19, 2020 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Middle East

IT'S HAPPENING! Wow, I am a month into support raising and actively preparing to move 5,000 miles away to minister to refugees. Is this real life?! But it is real, this is happening, all by the power and directing of our Good God. I am not who I thought God would use for this job. I don’t have the ideal resume for this role, I am young and just starting to figure out life, and I am not a perfect Christian. But the Lord doesn’t call us to be perfect in order to be used, He just desires our ‘yes’ and willingness to submit to Him in every aspect of life. This doesn’t always look pretty, there is... Read more

Nice To Meet You!

By Brianne on October 19, 2020 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

Hi there! Thanks for stumbling into my Goer blog. If you're like me, then you're probably new to this page too. So why not spend some time getting to know each other, shall we? Great! Okay, thanks for humoring my cheesy intro to my very first (ever!) Goer blog. On a serious note though, thanks for joining me. My name is Brianne Nix, but that normally gets shortened to Bri. (I actually prefer Bri. It's a little less formal and a lot more friendly.) In May of 2020, I graduated from Belhaven University with a B.F.A in Dance and a B.A. in English. For the past two years, while attending college,... Read more

Who, Where, Why, What!?

By Evelyn on October 19, 2020 Track: Community Development Region: Asia - Central

Hi! I’m so excited you’re joining me in this journey, from wherever you might be as you read this (feel free to comment below where you’re at)! I look forward to using this blog as a means to share stories from my time on the field, but before I get too far ahead of myself, introductions are in order. My name is Evelyn. I’m twenty-two, a recent university graduate with degrees in psychology and humanities, and in just four months I’m moving to Central Asia for two years of ministry. I'm gonna share three more random things about me before I dive into why you’re really here.  One, I’m really... Read more

About Me!

By Lauren on October 19, 2020 Track: Community Development Region: Asia - Central

Hey, welcome to my blog! I want to share a little bit about myself to help you get to know me. First off, I am a recent grad with a BA in Intercultural Studies. I first heard about GoCorps during my senior year in college when a representative from the organization came and spoke in my Gen ed Biology class, telling us about the different placements they had. Although I didn’t originally think I would pursue this path, here I am a year later getting ready to go to Central Asia as a Community Development Coordinator. The reason I chose to go is because there are people all over the world who... Read more

How Did We Get Here?

By Samuel Glass on October 19, 2020 Track: Engineering - IT Region: Asia - South East

At first glance it seems obvious that someone like me would end up doing something like this.  I visited over 20 countries before I was 25 years old & two of my biggest passions are language learning & helping people.  I was raised in a Christian homeschooling home where biographies of people like Hudson Taylor & Amy Carmichael were read almost daily.  In many ways it seems inevitable for me to go overseas. On the other hand, for most of my life I had no serious desire to be sent anywhere, &--even if I was going to go--I would never have expected to end up in South East Asia:... Read more

Who, How, Why, Where, When

By Liz on October 19, 2020 Track: Teaching Region: Africa - North

Hello! For the purpose of security, my name on here will be Liz and I will be going to North Africa. However, if you’re reading this then you probably already know my name and/or where I am going, so I wanted to share a little more about me!  I have been drawn to the continent of Africa since I was young. I couldn’t tell you why.. I honestly couldn’t even tell you if Africa was a country or continent at that point. However, I knew I wanted to go there. Fast forward to high school, I went on my first mission trip to a country in East Africa and the Lord confirmed this calling. In college, I... Read more

Immeasurably More

By Kate on October 19, 2020 Track: Medical Region: Asia - Central

I remember from a very young age God expanding my worldview and showing me how big His world really is. There are many moments I look back on and can see so clearly the Lord stirring and breaking my heart for the “least of these”. As I headed into college, I knew I wanted to mix my degree and ministry in some way, I just had no idea what I wanted to do or how I wanted to do it. Classic! I remember asking for specific passions and desires and of course, the Lord faithfully answered. In my sophomore year of college, I was back in my home church and a couple who had been serving in Asia for some... Read more

How Did I Get Here??

By Hannah on October 19, 2020 Track: Business Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

Hi there! My name’s Hannah and I’m a 2020 Goer! I graduated from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon in the Spring of 2019. I can’t believe I’ve been done with school for over a year now! After graduation, I was in a season of real frustration. I was applying to jobs I thought I was qualified for and I couldn’t even get an interview. I kept asking God, “why do all of these doors keep closing? What do you want me to do?” Little did I know that the answer would have me moving halfway across the world to Zambia! I got connected with GoCorps through one of their alumni. It was a complete... Read more


By Seth on October 19, 2020 Track: Engineering - IT Region: United States

I heard about GoCorps while studying at Olivet Nazarene University. I graduated in 2018 with a computer science degree. Lord willing I am heading to Phoenix to help with a refugee ministry for two years. I would be serving as tech support and helping refugees learn English. I would also tell them about the Bible and the Gospel through storytelling. I hope to help make Christ known among refugees. Read more

My Essentials

By Richard on October 19, 2020 Track: Agriculture - Environment Region: Asia - South East

We are very excited to share that we have officially decided to continue with our team here in SE Asia LONG TERM after our first two year commitment ends.  We feel like very exciting rolls have taken shape for both my wife and I professionally, and that the Lord has opened amazing doors and gone before us in a powerful way in ministry.  We are excited to say “yes” to being faithful where He has placed us.  Currently we are back in the States preparing for continuing on long term, and as we are making sure we have all we need and that everything is in place, I thought it would be fun to drop a... Read more