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College Students and 20-Somethings

The season after college is the most mobile time in your life.  It’s the perfect time to push yourself and get global and missional experience.  Fill out an inquiry form to set up an initial phone call with one of our mission and vocation coaches to learn more.

Collegiate, Church & Ministry Leaders

Our vision is help you create a culture where tithing your career for two years is encouraged for students on your campus!  We have developed several tools that can help you take your mobilization to the next level as it relates to global engagement for your students.  Some of these are designed to be incorporated in things you're already doing (short-term missions training and debrief, leader team development, global vision weeks) and some are new models and tools for you to pick up and run with!

Contact us to learn how we can be your go to Level 3 Partner for student global engagement.

Sending Organizations

GoCorps is the leading way students are finding ways to invest two years globally.


We believe that what a student majors in matters to God, and it matters to the least reached. God's wants his followers to be active in all domains of society, building his kingdom. The places that need the gospel most also need people with marketplace skills in order to be relevant and to make a difference.

For Alumni

GoCorps partners with returning Goers to help them find their next step in God’s global work after their 2 years overseas.

After completing your two years, you are now a GoCorps alumnus!  GoCorps is committed to walking with Goers through reentry, helping with professional next steps, and offering ways to stay engaged with GoCorps in your ongoing journey.

Join Our Staff

Our staff team is a dedicated group of scrappy, creative and passionate men and women who are committed to shifting the culture in the American church and campus. If you love college students and believe that all Christians should be both world citizens and global Christians, we invite you to contact us to see how you could specifically join us in making serving globally for two years the norm for Christians after college.

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