Thank you for your interest in applying to be a GoCorps Goer!  The GoCorps application process will help you to discern and answer these two important questions:

  • Is now it the right time for you to invest two years globally?
  • If so, where should you go and what team will be the best fit?

We invite you to fill out an application and let the application process help you to figure out if going to serve among the poor for two years is the right next step for you.  Learn more by watching the 8 minute video on this page that gives an overview of GoCorps and the application process.  Also, learn what it's like on the field.

The GoCorps Application Process
The GoCorps process starts by your filling out the GoCorps online application and later, having five people submit online reference forms.

Application Deadline:  March 1 for Fall launch dates, June 1 for Winter launch dates
Application Fee:  $35

Within two weeks of submitting your application, you will be informed as to whether you have been invited to the next step in the process: a phone interview.  At this point, there may be other informational forms for you to fill out and you will receive information as to how to schedule your phone interview.  The interview process usually takes about two months.  After your interview process, you will either be offered an overseas assignment to serve as a GoCorps Goer, or you'll be informed of other global service options.  

We hope that you'll apply!  The online application and the interview process are quite comprehensive because they are designed to help determine if serving overseas through GoCorps is a good fit for you this year. Try not to get overwhelmed or stalled in the application process.  Keep plugging through and work hard on each stage of the process.  It's a lot of work, but we'll be with you from application to overseas.  We'll help you get from here to there!