Throughout the year, GoCorps hosts events for collegiate leaders, students, sending organizations and financial partners all towards building the mid-term mission movement in North America.

Events On Demand

Missed these events when they happened live?  No problem!  These are the recordings of our most popular past events.  Check out these great conversations, presentations and teachings!

Fundraising and Donor Events

You might not be in the season to be a Goer, but you can help to fund and send Goers by investing in the GoCorps global service and mission movement!  Find an event near you to learn more about the GoCorps vision and how you can be a part of it!  Already involved as a donor, there are also special events for you to learn about how God is working through GoCorps Goers globally and the ministry to mobilize a new kind of Goer!

Walk Week


The GoCorps Partner Summit is our once a year event where reps from each of our partnering organizations gather to pray, plan and dream together. This event is a great opportunity for our collegiate and church partners to meet the GoCorps staff and all of our partnering organizations.

  • GoSummit 2022

    Aug 15, 2022 to Aug 17, 2022
    Training Leaders International/GoCorps Shared Office - Downtown Minneapolis - Deluxe Building | 121 South 8th St., Minneapolis, MN 55402


Each year GoCorps has two launch cycles and two GoWeeks.  GoWeek 1 is for Fall launch dates and GoWeek 2 is for Winter launch dates.

  • GoWeek 1

    May 29, 2022 to Jun 5, 2022
    GoWeek Part 1: Virtual Classroom: Zoom + GoWeek Part 2: Launch Gathering: Belton, TX
  • GoWeek 2

    Sep 11, 2022 to Sep 18, 2022
    GoWeek Part 1: Virtual Classroom on Zoom + GoWeek Part 2: Launch Retreat in Texas