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We believe 20-somethings are uniquely equipped with flexibility, energy and skills to bridge the gap in the missions landscape. Finding and placing these “Goers” is the passion of GoCorps. We help Christians invest the first two years of their career in global service.

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Over 100 ways you can invest two years globally using your degree, passions or skillsets through carefully vetted Christian non-profits.

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Search global opportunities online and talk with a placement coach to find the best fit.



World class training equips you to raise funds quickly as you prepare to serve.



Join a team that fits your passions and skills to make a real difference among those who need it most.

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Featured Event

Oct 1, 2020
Webinar with Live Chat

Is it possible to have the best semester of your life, full of spiritual growth and a deepening joy and love of Christ? 

Join our mobilization team and two guest presenters for a conversation and Q&A about how to make the most of the most unique semester on college campuses in our lifetimes!  Sure, there are some significant challenges and things that we are all missing out on because of COVID, but this is a time that we will always remember.  Decades from now, our kids are going...

Featured Blog

By Julie on May 25, 2020
When I was deciding whether or not to accept this placement in Ecuador, there was one major fear holding me back.  I couldn’t speak Spanish!  And to me, in my earthly understanding, this felt like a hard stop.  So much of nursing, not to mention so much of working with vulnerable populations, is about communication.  I am so careful of the words I use and their connotations. I could not imagine working in a different language where I was unfamiliar with the implications of the words I was using.  And yet, as God made it clear that he was still opening this door to me despite my utter lack of...

Invest two years of your career in global service

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Nursing grad, Community Health Worker, Philippines


Culinary Arts grad, Gastronomy Ministry, Mexico


Political Science grad, Community Development with Refugees, Middle East


Intercultural Studies grad, Advocate to the Urban Marginalized, Thailand


Business grad, Small Business Facilitator, Malawi


Sociology grad, Muslim Movement Catalyst, Central Asia

Student Debt Assistance

What about student loans? Finances shouldn’t be the reason you don’t go overseas. GoCorps provides matching funds through our Student Debt Assistance fund to enable you to receive $5,000 toward the principal of your student loans upon completion of your two year assignment.

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