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Who You Say I Am

By Abby S on October 19, 2020 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

The following notes were recently taken during a study on our identity in Christ. I hope it encourages you in the same way that it encouraged me!  What does it mean to be in Christ? To be in Christ is to be adopted into God’s family. We are children of God (John 1:12), accepted by Christ (Romans 15:7), united with Him in spirit (1 Cor 6:17), no longer slaves to sin (Romans 6:6), made in God’s image (Gen 1), known by God in a personal way, part of the body of Christ (the Church, His bride). We were bought with a price and deeply loved by Him (1 Cor 6:19, 1 John 3:1). Ephesians 2:10 says, “For... Read more

First-Year Spainiversary Thoughts

By Carissa on October 16, 2020 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

One year ago today, I watched the Manhattan skyline disappear through a plane window and asked myself, “is it too late to get out of this?” Hours later, I looked out of a different plane window at the mountains and shoreline framing my new home and wondered what the coming year could possibly have in store for me. It’s tempting to shape my entire year around how it was impacted by covid. The rise of a global pandemic definitely altered my transition to a new culture and took away a lot of opportunities I thought I’d have. It slowed my progress in building relationships and doing ministry,... Read more

You live here?

By Sarah on October 6, 2020 Track: Languages - Linguistics Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan

You live here? I recently was back in the States for a family wedding.  Before I returned, some unexpected circumstances happened, in the West African country where I serve, that delayed my travel.  "More than COVID?!", you ask. This year has been marked with so many instances of God's faithfulness despite the chaos out of my control.  A chance to spend time with my WHOLE family has not happened in two years... as most of my family now actually live in West Africa. Thus, home has been evolving for me here in this new place.  I love how I can use my passions here - languages, cultural... Read more

A Journey to Mars

By Ellen on October 5, 2020 Track: Media - Arts Region: Europe

On July 30th, NASA launched their Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover. This little rover has an exciting job of exploration and research in front of him. But Perseverance has a long way to go. He won’t actually land on Mars for another 7 months! If rovers have feelings, Perseverance might be feeling a little restless and impatient on his long journey. In many ways, the past 7 months here in Berlin have felt like a journey to Mars. The world has changed from what it was back when I landed in Berlin some of those changes have affected the process of settling into life here. There have been moments... Read more

"22 was like the worst idea that I have ever had..."

By Rosie on September 21, 2020 Track: Youth Development Region: Latin America

*Disclaimer: I haven’t been 22 since January, but…* Seeing this Paramore song quoted on someone’s story for their 22nd birthday reminded me of a conversation I had a few months back with a different person, who told me, “Yeah, they say everyone hates you when you’re 23…” I imagine this has something to do with the actual fact of being 23. It’s kind of an awkward time, to speak really clearly. All of a sudden you’ve finished you’re schooling, and you’re looking to integrate into “the real world,” “the work force,” and trying to be “an adult,” who “contributes to society.” Coming with those... Read more

For the Healing of the Nations

By Abby S on September 18, 2020 Track: Teaching Region: Asia - South East

Our time in America has now stretched one month longer than originally planned as we wait on our new visas, but the Lord knew all along how we would need and use this time. We have decided to stay overseas for the long haul, and while we are back we are using this time to tie up loose ends and prepare to launch out long-term. It has been a joy, blessing, and encouragement to see friends while we are back, and last night was no exception. We visited a family who is extremely passionate about God’s global work and desire to see His Kingdom come around the world.    Towards the end of the... Read more

...Of All Nations

By Richard on September 18, 2020 Track: Agriculture - Environment Region: Asia - South East

A particular passion of mine is to see a love for Christ spread among the unreached peoples of the World.  For those unfamiliar with the terms, the 1982 Lausanne Committee Chicago meeting defined a People Group as “For evangelization purposes, a people group is the largest group within which the Gospel can spread as a church planting movement without encountering barriers of understanding or acceptance”, and an Unreached People Group is a People Group without a reported self-sustaining Gospel Movement (see joshuaproject.net for more info).  About two years ago, our team was invited by local... Read more

Taking Off Our Shoes

By Dora on September 18, 2020 Track: Ministry Region: United States

Hi friends, There’s a quote I first heard in a missions class that’s recently been on my mind. It goes like this,  “Our first task in approaching another people, another culture, another religion is to take off our shoes, for the place we are approaching is holy. Else we may find ourselves treading on another’s dream, more serious still we may forget that God was there before our arrival.”  – Kenneth Cragg I think it’s funny Cragg uses the illustration of taking off our shoes when approaching another culture, because my team and I literally do that everyday whenever we go into our refugee... Read more

Joy and Sorrow

By Hannah on September 3, 2020 Track: Compassion - Justice Region: Latin America

Joy and Sorrow The spring and summer of the year 2020 has been a roller coaster of emotions and experiences in my life. In March I came back after only three weeks on the mission field I’d committed to for two years, and I have never understood better the meaning of the phrase “having the rug pulled out from under you.” However, I was grateful and confident that God led me to be in Colorado for this time, and it soon became more clear why.  In the month of July I stood up next to two of my dearest friends as they got married. I watched my brother go through two surgeries and an ER visit due... Read more

Welcome Back

By Dora on August 31, 2020 Track: Ministry Region: United States

Hey friends, On August 17 we officially opened our new English Center and welcomed back students for classes. It was great to reconnect with many returning students we hadn't seen in several months. They loved seeing the new English Center and repeatedly said how thankful they were to have a place to come to for community after being in their houses for so long. Our first English lessons included conversations on how the coronavirus has changed everyone's life and how we can feel many different emotions because of those changes. It's been special for our staff and volunteers to have those... Read more