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Global missions needs a movement of people who are financially willing to support those who go. Giving through GoCorps is a way to invest both in the mentoring and development of Christian young adults as well as in the unreached and oppressed overseas!

Invest in GoCorps and partner with us to help this generation overcome the most significant barriers to using their degree globally for two years! Gifts of all levels are needed and greatly appreciated.  Please see below for the ways that you can contribute to the GoCorps general fund, loan forgiveness fund or to the ministry of one of our staff members. All contributions donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. To maximize your gift, give through automatic monthly contributions or check (credit cards and paypal both charge transaction fees).

Thank you for your partnership!

Questions? Email [email protected]

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For your giving convenience, there are five ways to give:

  1. Pay through ACH: Give one time or set up automatic payments from your checking or savings account here.

    Are you already giving to GoCorps and need to make a change (bank, discontinue, etc)? Make changes to your automatic giving here
  2. Pay by Check: Send a check payable to 'GoCorps' to:
    PO Box 22187
    Minneapolis, MN 55422
  3. Credit Card (one time): Credit Card Contribution form
  4. PayPal/Credit Card/Debit Card (one time and recurring):


  5. Donate stock or learn about planned giving by contacting [email protected]

The Final Mile Fund

Learn and give to this special fund dedicated to helping gifted and qualified Goers who have extra challenges in their fundraising process. here.


Make Changes to your Giving

Are you already giving to GoCorps and need to make a change (bank, discontinue, etc)? Make changes to your automatic giving here.


Stewardship and Generosity

Check out these videos and resources about growing and planning a generosity mindset here.


Learn About Our Giving Levels

Learn how your giving mobilizes Goers and enables gospel conversations among the unreached here.

Giving FAQ

To make changes to your automatic monthly deduction (ACH payments) to GoCorps, simply fill out the Make Changes to Giving form.

Contributions to GoCorps through your checking account – whether it’s an automatic ACH monthly deduction, through your bank’s billpay system or through a good old fashioned hand filled out check – do not carry any fees and so they the preferred method of contribution.

It is possible, however, to give contributions with your credit card. This is done through a Paypal account. You can follow the Paypal link on our Giving page to give in this way. Note: If you don’t already have one, you will need to create a Paypal account with your credit card linked to it.

Yes. GoCorps is a federally recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Charitable contributions to GoCorps donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

GoCorps is a member of ECFA. Also, our IRS 990 forms can be found and reviewed at websites like GuideStar or Charity Navigator. GoCorps’ EIN # is 27-4096814.

Your gift helps GoCorps to:

  • help provide much needed student debt assistance funds for our Goers
  • find candidates for overseas service
  • coach them through the application and screening process
  • train them in vital ministry preparation
  • off-set administrative/infrastructure costs

If you’re making a one-time, quarterly or annual contribution:

Send a check to...

GoCorps, PO Box 22187, Minneapolis, MN 55422

If you’re making a monthly contribution, consider an automatic deduction (ACH) from your bank account using this online form.

Both these options maximize your gift by reducing administrative costs to GoCorps (such as paypal and credit card fees).

While the general fund gives us the greatest flexibility to put funds where most needed, we do have some exciting special projects to fund. Please contact Paul Van Der Werf ([email protected]), the Executive Director, to learn more about these projects. Also, if you know one of our staff, you can support their ministry endeavors through GoCorps.


See what others are saying about GoCorps.


Dance and English Major
Arts Track, Middle East

I am very grateful to GoCorps and the role it played in helping me get overseas. I really believe that without GoCorps, I wouldn't have come at all. I was initially recruited by a coach who is a dancer, and she opened my eyes to see how dance could be used on the mission field.


Kinesiology and Exercise Science Major,
Medical Track, USA

The GoCorps staff are amazing! The coaches are so intentional and organized. Everyone is committed to their mission/vision and find fun and creative ways of making it happen.


Kinesiology Major
Sports Track, Italy

The advice I give to anyone considering being a Goer is to go for it!  This really is a priceless experience that will affect the rest of your life.  I feel now that if the Lord were to ever call me again to a new project overseas, I wouldn’t hesitate.


Communications Major
Refugee & Pre-Natal Care Ministry, Middle East

The Support Raising Model is incredibly helpful. Although it may seem so unnatural to call and email people so much, it's not. There is so much biblical truth in fundraising as GoCorps shares with you.

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