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Timothy - Central Asia Updates

Class of 2015
Supernatural School of Ministry in Central Asia
Track: Ministry track
Region: Asia - Central
I'm Korean and I absolutely love fitness, sports, music, and outreach. I love listening to people's stories because I believe there is power in testimonies!

Transition #1 - New Team

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

In the month of October, there were many transitions. 1. I have officially moved out from my host family’s house onto house- and dog- sitting for my leaders while they are gone. 2. With my leaders in the states, I humbly accept the roles God had for me on this new team. And 3. With even a greater focus on gypsie villages, my new leader and I have been making village trips together looking for open families and hearts. Village trips have been more regular and this past month, we have been wanting to see a breakthrough in those villages. One late Thursday night, we went to A-village as rain was… Read more >>

Coming Out

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

Photo above is a view of Ch-village from top of a hill First and foremost, I want to confess and apologize to you. I have not invested the proper and enough time to update you all on my journey here in Artesia. Instead, when I have tried to update you, I have been rather vague and focusing too much on the delivery of my words rather than the depth of my content; it was wrong that attraction was my priority when writing updates. I was convicted by the fact that some, or many, of my partners do not have an idea what kind of work I am doing here. My heart was that you would be disappointed in… Read more >>

Abiding Deeper

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

What I'm learning: It feels that my time slows down while everything around me is moving faster as if I'm seeing rays of light pass by me. Constantly, new buildings are being constructed, style of dress is changing, families are growing, and neighbors are moving farther away. One of them being my team leader and his family. They have officially left for furlough and I am the only one on our team. I remember when I was told about this before I arrived here and the overwhelming emotions that were running through me as I, once again, was reminded that wasn't the intentions of neither God nor my… Read more >>

Bold & Be

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

My focus being on language learning, I set a goal of 9 months to be fluent and after 2 months, I’m very excited to say that memorization of nouns, verbs, and prepositions are coming together. At this point, I can keep up a decent conversation with locals and it gives me more motivation to study more and faster. Of course I can understand a lot more than I can actually say, but the progress is evident. Except that when it comes to language learning, I… Read more >>

Rocky Road

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

It has been almost 2 weeks since I left home and 10 days since I arrived here. And right from the beginning, there has been challenges as I was trying to adjust to a new home. Physical Challenges: For about a week since my departure, I've had a cold, which really didn't play well with the jetleg. My first Monday, I threw up because [I think] of combination of the local food and my attempt at extreme crossfit. It was also very hard to sleep. I would wake up once or twice randomly and struggle to fall back asleep. For some reason, my mind was telling me to sleep, but my body told me otherwise.… Read more >>

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