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Timothy - Central Asia Updates

Class of 2015
Supernatural School of Ministry in Central Asia
Track: Ministry track
Region: Asia - Central
I'm Korean and I absolutely love fitness, sports, music, and outreach. I love listening to people's stories because I believe there is power in testimonies!

Chapter 6: Man in white

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

New Year’s: As 2018 began, I heard Lord telling me to be more bold and quick in sharing about Jesus as Savior. Then couple days later, one of our national partners shared with me that He heard the same thing from God to share his faith and bring up Jesus in conversations. To me, this was a confirmation that God wanted to show great things in this year. Fast & Pray: To start off the year, our community and our team did a 21-day fast while keeping intercession for our country. On the 21st day, we arranged a 24-hour prayer slot as well as 2 hours of worship to finish the fast… Read more >>

Chapter 5: Revelations

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

Answered Prayers: Thank God for the month of December and God’s heart to bring refreshment and Sabbath for our me and the whole community here. It was a powerful & joyful season. Conference: We hosted a team from SoCal Supernatural School of Ministry in the beginning of the month and WOW, it was amazing as they taught a lot about identity. They went to villages and prayed and much experienced healing and even open vision of Jesus. It was during one of the worship sessions where they were praying for the spirit of tongue. For awhile I’ve been reading and praying for it and the… Read more >>

Chapter 4: Breakthrough

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

Answered Prayers: Thank you for praying for our Room for Pr. We had a security breach and I had to take down our website. However, no major harm that we know of. We officially changed the name to UR (Upper Room). Please continue to ask God for protection and favor. Jala recently went back to a discovery group that had disbanded. The people who had actually rejected her re-invited her back into their lives because they had seen the change that had happened in their family when she was originally there. This group has now expanded to include three more people. Pray for this small group that… Read more >>

Chapter 3: Invitations

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

Answered Prayers: The two men who approached our team in the village now are basically our friends now! One of our national partners has an amazing gift of being a people person. The two guys invited them to go hunting with them and to have meals with them. Praise God for His favor. Thank you for praying! The faith and boldness that Jala has been given is truly a blessing. Despite what happened last month, she continues to go and share boldly. Please continue to lift her up as God has been using her to reach people far and wide. Sports Club - Sports Club has been such a blessing and… Read more >>

Chapter 2: Satisfy

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

Answered Prayers: There has been substantial forward progress with sports club! More leaders getting equipped and the club increasing week by week. Thank you for remembering to pray the sports club. We have seen an increase in corporate prayer at Room 4 Pr and have been witnessing God’s hand move. Praise the Lord for putting more desire and urgency for prayer. - At a village, Jala told our team a story of the children who had been experiencing spiritual oppression. It turns out that two children were radically delivered from psychological/demonic problems and received Jesus… Read more >>

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