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Timothy - Central Asia Updates

Class of 2015
Supernatural School of Ministry in Central Asia
Track: Ministry track
Region: Asia - Central
I'm Korean and I absolutely love fitness, sports, music, and outreach. I love listening to people's stories because I believe there is power in testimonies!

My Letter to Future Goers

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

What are some of your biggest lesson you’ve learned? The biggest lesson I've learned is my identity (who I am in Him). Learning about my identity has been spiritually challenging, yet it has only made me more hungry to learn more! The better I understood His love for me and His bride, I served my team, loved others, ministered to locals with more depth and heart. Worship and prayer flowed like it never did and I was in sync with The Spirit more than before. And understanding my identity unlocked so much in my life and ministry. The key to gaining everything I need in this life is first… Read more >>

Chapter 10: A New Brother Too!

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

The man, Obi, who I have been meeting with just gave his life to Christ! I have been helping him with English and reading The Word with him weekly going through stories from the Old Testament to Jesus. Every week, he walked out of our meeting with something new learned about God/Jesus. Two weeks before I left the field, we did a study and he asked a lot of questions about his fears if he becomes a follower of Christ. I was able to tell that he was very close to making a decision. At the end of our meeting, he turned to me and said, “David, I think I will be ready to make a decision the next… Read more >>

Chapter 9: A New Sister!

Featured story By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

I got introduced to a local man named Obi through my team leader early in the month and have been meeting with him every month to help him with English, but mainly to study The Word with him. He considers himself 'Muslim' for the sole reason that he lives here. However, he has been searching for the truth for years. Second time I met with him, he mentioned one of his female friends (her name is Ramz) who also has also shown interest in learning more about Jesus. So I met with her that day and shared The Gospel. She listened and took it in. For 3 weeks, I hadn't seen her until she came to a… Read more >>

Chapter 8: Multiplication

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

The picture above is from the house of PR up in North. The evening that we had an all-night training/worship & PR. The woman's brother (continuing from last month) has started a discovery group in his village. People are gathering and listening to stories and discussing them. Pray that Jala's brother will be strong in his new faith, and that God will spark a movement there.  House of Prayer A team from the city moved up North several months ago and among that team, one worker had a big desire to start a house of prayer there. My national partner and I had the opportunity to go up to… Read more >>

Chapter 7: "This is the Truth"

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

This woman's younger brother had a dream in which he was walking through his village with the Word of God, saying, "This is the truth!" Also, her's father and uncle have been constantly listening to their mp3 players with audio Bible stories, and another relative recently came and offered money to buy their mp3 players so he could listen too, but they refused. They were given another mp3 player just for the relative. Praise God for bringing His Word to this family and their desire to be in His Word. Ask for a movement in this village. Local House of Pr: God has been doing some amazing… Read more >>

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