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Timothy - Central Asia Updates

Class of 2015
Supernatural School of Ministry in Central Asia
Track: Ministry track
Region: Asia - Central
I'm Korean and I absolutely love fitness, sports, music, and outreach. I love listening to people's stories because I believe there is power in testimonies!

Give Me Faith

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

It's been about 15 days since support raising began. For sure, the first week was rough. A discouragement, actually. After coming back from Pittsburgh for training, I was more than deteremined to start making phone calls and rebuild relationships that God wanted me to. Discouragement gradually started to build in as several of the appointment got cancelled and didn't work out as I planned. At one point, I remember thinking to myself, "Does this really have to be this hard?" A part of me wanted to take a long break, but a bigger part of me knew that this was part of the journey… Read more >>

Deeper Places

By on Track: Ministry Region: Asia - Central

". . . Let Your Kingdom shine though my life. I want more of You. I wanna go to the deeper places, deeper places, Lord. To know the dreams of Your heart. I wanna find all the secret places, the hidden places, Lord. 'Til there's nothing left to know; I'll be completely Yours." - Deeper Places by Christ For The Nations. One thing about myself: I like to get deep in both conversations and relationships. I never really had hard time getting closer to others, but one relationship I always struggled in is with Jesus Christ. As I'm here at GoWeek with GoCorps in prepartion for the great… Read more >>

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