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GoCorps>> Update March 2024

Posted on Monday, March 18, 2024
Paul Van Der Werf

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day! Why is that a big deal in GoCorps-land? Is it because we have a lot of Goers serving in Ireland? No, that’s not it. Is it because GoCorps staff are mostly from Irish decent? Nope, that’s not it either. Is it because GoCorps’ favorite color is green? No. While green is our favorite color (green means go!), that is not the main reason that St Patrick’s Day is our favorite holiday.

The reason why St Patrick’s Day is because St Patrick, the historical St Patrick, was a missionary! Or, to use the word that GoCorps likes to use for missionary, he was a goer! He was actually born in England and so living, serving, and ministering in Ireland, especially at that time, was a cross cultural experience. The people of Ireland spoke a different language and had a different religion and customs. Isn’t that crazy? We all think of St Patrick as a cartoon Irish person. But he was a real person, and in his life, what mattered most to him was making disciples and sharing the hope of Christ wherever God led him!

Because St Patrick was a missionary, each St Patrick’s Day we invite you to celebrate a different way. We call it Encourage a Goer day and we think this is a great way to honor St Patrick's life and legacy! Learn more by reading our short article here.

Pray for the Class of ’24!
Recruitment has been harder than expected this year. We’ve had some challenges in getting in front of students in the first place, but the biggest issue is that we’re seeing a larger percentage of those that do engage with us not take steps forward. We are actively researching trends and polling other mission organizations to see what they’re and experiencing, so we look forward to sharing our findings in a future newsletter.

For now, we ask you to pray! Why? That was Jesus’ main prayer request to his disciples and to us!

Pray with Us:

  • So far, 68 people have applied for GoCorps this year! Of these, there are 24 who are in the interview process. Pray for these 24 to become Goers!
  • We are hoping for 10 more applications between now and our June 1 final application deadline.
  • We’ve had a busy first two months of the year on campuses doing over 35 mobilization events. Pray for the thousands of students that have recently heard about GoCorps to take next steps!

Paul Van Der Werf

Paul Van Der Werf is the founder and executive director of GoCorps. Paul spent four years after college living overseas and serving through a Dutch NGO doing ministry in Amsterdam’s Red Light District and doing community development and ministry among overlooked communities in Mexico along the Texas border. His firm belief is that God’s mission is too important to be left just to the missionaries, and so he’s made it his life’s work to help ordinary Christians find their place in God’s global work.

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