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Articles from 2023

5 Ways to Strategically Use Your Winter Break

By Meghan on

As winter break approaches, many students find themselves eager to relax and unwind from the challenges of the academic semester. While it's essential to recharge, consider leveraging this time strategically to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Here are five ways to use your winter break with purpose:

Tithe Your Career

By Paul Van Der Werf on

What is the best way to spend your first few years out of college?  Is it diving into a job so you can begin climbing the social and wealth ladder?  Is it backpacking through Europe, Asia or South America?  Grad school?

These are all good options.  But for many of you, there’s a different path to consider.  It’s a new way of investing the first two years of your career based on the biblical concept of the tithe.


By Luke on

We asked Goers what things they brought with them to help make their new space feel more like home once they got there.  Read on for some tips about the best things to throw in a suitcase to make a space halfway around the world feel like home.

Essential Reading

By Luke on

We asked Goers to share what books they would recommend to someone before diving into serving cross-culturally.  These are their recommendations.

Advice from the Field: My Letter to Future Goers.

By Anonymous on

As I am writing this I am trying to think, is this time what I expected it to be? What were my expectations going into the two years (either spoken or unspoken)? 

The God of the Nations and the Next Step

By David Gee on

What does it mean to know God in all his sovereignty and kingship over the world, but also relate to him individually as the Father who intimately knows us, and our needs, and patiently leads us? I can’t answer that question with a neat theological bow, but I can offer my story of how God took me from my home country to the nations and knew me deeply along the way.

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