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By David Gee on October 14, 2021

Welcome to Part Two of our Goer Essentials Series, where we’ve asked Goers to sound off on the essentials to thriving in life overseas. In today’s article, we cover experiencing loneliness and how Goers have wrestled through it on the field.. 

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Culture Shock

By David Gee on October 11, 2021

Welcome to Part One of our Goer Essentials Series, where we’ve asked Goers to sound off on the essentials to thriving in life overseas. In today’s article, we cover dealing with culture shock. 

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Every Goer Needs a Sender: Four Ways to Be a Sender

By Luke on September 24, 2021

“Go, send or disobey.”  

John Piper famously laid out these three options as the only three options as it relates to a Christian’s involvement in global missions!

Now, it’s generally understood that following Christ’s command to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations means that some of us are called to be missionaries.  Or to use a different term, some of us are called to be goers, to go across the map and across cultures to share the good news of Christ’s saving grace.

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3 Ways Missions Stands Against Injustice

By David Gee on August 20, 2021

There’s an odd tension that we often walk in missions. Feed the poor, or proclaim the gospel? Granted, the most obvious answer is “both-and.”  However, for one reason or another, there is an assumption that sometimes rears its head that Christian missions is too often about preaching the Gospel while not doing enough to feed the poor and hungry of the world physically. As William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army put it, “You can’t preach to a man who has an empty stomach and is shivering with cold.”  

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Dancing and Syrian Tea

By Bri on August 2, 2021

I walked into work like any other day. I was feeling pretty tired. More than most days. Unfortunately, I was hoping to get in and get out. Little did I know that the Lord had something really special planned for me. 

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5 Cool Things to Do After College

By David Gee on June 30, 2021

My early twenties were pretty cool, and I’ve met a lot of other people that did cool things after college. This list is a compilation of mine and their experiences in the hopes that you too will go out on a limb and try some of these cool things to do after college.

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Why Go Overseas if There Are So Many Lost People Here?

By David Gee on June 17, 2021

Why should we go overseas in an age when America is increasingly drifting from Christianity, and globalization is putting us ever more into contact with people from other countries? Well, the answer is a bit multi-faceted and involves everything from checking your heart to taking a good long look at your 20s and how God wants to use them.

Here are three things to consider when facing the question of, “Why should I go overseas when there are lost people here?”

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By Anna on April 23, 2021

How Goers are bringing the Gospel to one of the remotest places on the planet

How do Buddhists who live in the remotest regions of the Himalayas who have never heard the name of Jesus come to know Christ’s love? In the case of Tarn and Soriah, an alpine mushroom farmer and his wife, God used their hospitality to a Goer named Anna...

After graduating from Belhaven University in 2018, Anna decided to move from her home in the heart of the bible belt to join four other recent grads to help run a trekking tour company started by an American missionary.

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Bekka: Teaching in East Asia

By Bekka on April 23, 2021


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The Most Important Thing to Consider When Serving Globally

By Bri on March 31, 2021

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding about living and serving overseas. If you’re anything like me, I imagine a multitude of questions appear in your mind. Is this going to be best for me in the long run? Will this help me move towards what I strive to accomplish and become? Am I doing what the Lord wants for me? Am I going to like where I am going? This is just a little glimpse into the chaos that a decision can entail.

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