Gospel Interactions

Salvation is in God's Hands - Part 1

By GoCorps on May 31, 2022

This video is from our Gospel Interactions series. Gospel Interactions are the heart behind Goer ministry... demonstrating and communicating God's love, His hope, His message. Goer ministry is planting seeds and cultivating relationships while participating in the community transforming work that God is doing where Goers serve. It’s the personal touch of sharing your story of how Christ has changed your life.

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When You Least Expect It

By GoCorps on March 29, 2022

I remember sitting with the Lord that morning, already grouchy, already tired, and slugging through the heat to the subway station. The subway is crowded that day, and my nose is in some dude's armpit that I don't even know. 

It's just one of those days for me when living overseas isn’t fun, it's not an adventure. It's just sweaty. And you think to yourself, man, what is life today? This day was one of those days. I wasn't feeling like a super missionary. I was barely feeling human.

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