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Articles from 2024

3 Things I Learned Doing Social Work in Mexico City

By Taylor on

The year after I graduated college I moved to Mexico City to be a part of an anti-trafficking ministry called El Pozo de Vida. I worked in a home called the “Transition House” where women who had come out of trafficking as young girls could finish school and learn how to live independently in a stable and safe environment. The time I spent in this ministry did not go at all how I had envisioned it, but I learned a lot of valuable lessons and out of it came such sweet friendships.

5 Ways to Make Friends with International Students

By Teri on

God has brought the world to us! Over 1 million international students are in the U.S. each year.  On your campus, people from many nations of the world are in your dorms, your classes, in the cafeteria. Many are lonely, being away from home. Most are eager for friendship and conversation and learning new things.  

Did you know that most international students will spend their whole time in the US without ever being invited into an American’s home? 

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

By Jess on

I have spent a year in Berlin, and this year has revealed a lot about me. People talk about moving cross-culturally and how it makes all of your weaknesses and struggles come up. I think I might be living proof of that.

A Week in the Life: Expectation vs. Reality

By Jaimie on

I could never adequately put into words what it feels and looks like to live here - it is something you would really just have to experience for yourself! Moreover, what I expect to happen in the week is quite different from the reality of what actually happens. But I'll do my best to give you an intimate glimpse into my life with...

Come Lord Jesus, Come

By Myles on

Jesus, My heart, lonely, longs for you. My soul, saddened, cries for you. My mind, anxious, runs to you. My strength, feeble, fights that you Would come. Come Lord Jesus, come.

A Suitcase Full of Questions

By Andrew on

Uncle Ahmed* is an older Syrian-Kurdish gentleman with whom we have been walking for the last few years. As the only believer in his family, being in his late 70s, and having some intense heart medication that causes him to sleep the majority of the day, his faith truly grows in seclusion. Yet, he has one of the most beautiful faiths I have ever witnessed.

5 Roles of a Goer

By Meghan on

GoCorps specializes in helping ordinary Christians find ways to join God’s extraordinary work globally.  But most Christians feel intimidated by the idea of following God into the work of the great commission.  It seems that one must possess super skills and extreme spirituality in order to be worthy and effective for missions, right?

What I Wish I Knew Before Moving Overseas

By Luke on

We asked Goers to share some of the unexpected hurdles and hardships that they’ve encountered in their time serving cross-culturally. What are some of the things they wished they’d been told or better prepared for before moving overseas?

Decision Making Tips and Tricks: Part 2

By Melody on

What exactly is discernment? How can it be helpful for decision-making? If you haven’t yet read the first blog in this series, make sure to read that one first! It introduces some important concepts for discerning and gives a helpful step-by-step overview for one of the two methods of discerning. This blog discusses the second method.

Decision Making Tips and Tricks: Part 1

By Melody on

“I just don’t know how to choose!”

The above exclamation is one that I have both said and heard many times. Making decisions is hard! Making decisions about big life events, like what job to take or whether you should tithe your career through GoCorps, is even harder. We all want to make good choices and as Christians, we all want to follow God. But how do you know where to go and what to do? 

Thankfully, we don’t have to make these decisions alone.

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