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GoCorps>> Update February 2024

Posted on Monday, November 20, 2023
Paul Van Der Werf

Today is Leap day! And since we only get Leap day once every four years, this is a great day for a e-update to be sent out, don’t you think? And, today is the Collegiate Day of Prayer, so another great reason (see below)!

In last month's update, I shared about how in early January, we sensed the need for an ‘all hands on deck’ situation for our staff, alum and partners to make the most of this year’s mobilization. So far, we’ve had about 30 events in the last 6 weeks! It’s been really good to recruit in some new places (Howard Payne University, George Fox University), grow deeper connections with key partners (Colorado Christian University, Charleston Southern University) and to have our Goers and alumni take the lead on 6 different significant mobilization events! It’s been a good and busy month. Please pray for the hundreds of students that have expressed interest to take meaningful next steps!

What else is going on? Glad you asked. Let’s go…


Today is the Collegiate Day of Prayer

The Collegiate Day of Prayer is a day set aside nationally for Christians to pray for college campuses, professors, administration and students. On the CDOP website you are invited to adopt a campus or two and pray for them today. Tonight there’s a live streamed prayer and worship event from Baylor University. Please go to the CDOP website to learn more.


Do You Know One of These Two Types of Goers?

There are two types of people who become Goers:

1. Students feeling a ‘calling’ to missions:  If you have felt called to missions or to consider missions, doing a two year placement with GoCorps is a perfect first step. We’ll help you find a mission org that is a good fit for you, and a placement that fits your skill-sets with high value on mentoring. After your two years, if you feel confirmed in your calling to missions, you can easily extend your time.

2. Students who feel called to the marketplace, but have a desire to travel, make a difference and do something a little out of the box in their next step. You don’t have to feel a calling to missions to do GoCorps. If you are wanting to get some real global experience and exposure so you have a global lens to take with you to a job and career in the US, then GoCorps is a great way to get that experience.

All told, about half of our Goers do GoCorps because they want to explore a personal call into missions. The other half of Goers do GoCorps without plans to do long-term missions, but as a way to take advantage of that unique, highly mobile season right after college. It’s a chance to experience, to serve, to broaden their perspective, get first hand connection to the global church, and to learn more about themselves and how to live globally and missionally in a calling in the US marketplace.

Give God Your ’Next Yes’

Do you want to be encouraged about the next generation? Take 8 minutes to watch this great video that was produced last year by the Urbana Mission Conference. Follow Brian and Nique as they share their story of giving God their ’next yes,’ and how they are doing in the midst of their two years in Nicaragua. (Note:  Since the filming of this video, Brian now speaks fluent Spanish, they welcomed baby #1 and were invited into a team leadership position which they have taken and have committed the next season of their lives to the work on Nicaragua!). Your partnership helped to mobilize this amazing couple!


Upcoming GoCorps Events:

>> March 1 - Standard Application Deadline! Share this coupon code: FREE with potential Goers! Use coupon code and save $75 by March 1
>> June 1 - Final application deadline
>> Save the Date:  Walk Week 2024 is July 29-August 2

Paul Van Der Werf

Paul Van Der Werf is the founder and executive director of GoCorps. Paul spent four years after college living overseas and serving through a Dutch NGO doing ministry in Amsterdam’s Red Light District and doing community development and ministry among overlooked communities in Mexico along the Texas border. His firm belief is that God’s mission is too important to be left just to the missionaries, and so he’s made it his life’s work to help ordinary Christians find their place in God’s global work.

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