John - My Updates from Middle East

Class of 2015
Arabic Language Study in Middle East
Track: Languages - Linguistics
Region: Middle East
Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. My hope is that God speaks to you through what I have to say, and that you are able to get a real sense of what my life is like in the Middle East and what God is doing there. Along with traveling and languages, my interests include sports (like soccer and Ultimate Frisbee) and reading (poetry and prose, both). I'm super excited for the chance to use my interests to connect with the people I'll come to meet. An interest in soccer comes in handy anywhere I go, as it IS the world's favorite sport, after all. Poetry and the beauty of Arabic are extremely dear to the hearts of many people in the Middle East, and so I hope to connect with people through that, as well! I'm really looking forward to see the things God brings about in the next two years. Thanks again for reading and praying, and I hope my posts are interesting and edifying for you!