I’ve been really glad for the chances I’ve had over these past two years to see other countries in the region. Part of my thinking in coming to this country was that it would prove a good starting point for this part of the world, culturally and linguistically. My hope in coming here is that I would leave able to somehow bridge the West to the Middle East, or at least try to.

I just got back from a couple weeks in a nearby country, seeing if it somehow resonated with me more than where I am now. I wanted to see how the refugee situation is different, how the language was different, and I hoped that in doing so, I’d have some revelation about my future. I found that I was able to help refugees some, but I felt most helpful with the other western friends I made, helping them make sense of the culture a bit and translating for them as I could. I saw how my experience living where I do helped me relate to those who were struggling in a place very different from their home. There was no big “YES, this is where you’re supposed to be!”, but it did feel a bit closer.

There have been many times here that I’ve doubted God’s character, or where I’ve questioned how involved He is in what goes on in the world. In those times, His answer has usually been a question; whether I would trust Him. So in this trip, with the absence of earthquakes or whirlwinds or big proclamations, He spoke to me again, in a still, small voice, in the glimmers of passion for His work that I saw in understanding other people and helping others be understood. He is asking me to trust Him still as I figure out what this trip meant and what the future holds, and so through His grace I will do so.