Do I Like Support Raising?

“Melody, do you like MPD?”

My support raising coach asked me this question a few days ago when we were having our weekly check-in call. The purpose of this call is to make sure I’m on track, to answer any questions, and to generally see how I’m doing with this whole support-raising thing. It’s a good time to refresh and verify I’m heading in a good direction and I enjoy the conversation. But for whatever reason, that day this question caught me off guard.

Do I like ministry partnership development?

I’m not sure anyone else has ever asked me, at least not straight up like that. People sympathetically grimace when they ask me how everything is going. My friends groan for me when I tell them about a clumsy phone call I had. Adults ask me if I’m nervous to go to Berlin. But no one has asked me if I actually like this MPD process.

Parts of it are hard. I’m not naturally the most organized person (or at least not in a way that makes sense to other people). I don’t love talking on the phone. It’s frustrating when no one replies to my email or an appointment time doesn’t work out. I get tired or struggle to motivate myself. I think about the tough parts of the process and dream of being in Berlin and finished with this whole thing.

“Melody, do you like MPD?”

I like meeting with people. I love sharing my vision. I get excited when I get to talk about how God brought me to this place. I enjoy the challenge of executing an idea. I get energized from accomplishing a goal. I’m motivated by the challenge of working towards three events at one time and arranging all the puzzle pieces. I love building new relationships and re-building old ones. I enjoy getting to talk to someone on a level I never have before. It feels good to see my percentages ticking higher and know that I’m getting closer to Berlin one step at a time. I come away energized and excited after individual appointments.

When my support coach asked, my answer surprised me. I’d thought about support raising in terms of a challenge to be accomplished. I’d thought about it in context to what God was teaching me through it. I’d considered how this was the start of my ministry. I’m not sure it even occurred to me that I could enjoy it! I absolutely have frustrating moments. Sometimes I have zero motivation (fun fact: I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing this because I couldn’t motivate myself at home). Sometimes I get anxious when I have to make a phone call or step out of my car to meet with someone. There are challenges, but to my complete amazement, the Lord has given me joy through this process. I’m so thankful for the joy of the Lord and how He continues to be my lasting strength.

“Melody, do you like MPD?”

Yes, I absolutely do!