Almost Halfway There!

Hello lovely readers!

So this is just an update about what I’m doing right now and what the rest of my summer is going to look like. I’m in week 5 of support raising right now and I’m kind of at the halfway point. I’m getting ready to be away for two weeks and by the time I get back I’ll have about another 5 weeks before my fundraising deadline. It’s definitely been a whirlwind—some really great highs and some very discouraging lows.

However, I’m really excited for the next two weeks! First, I’m going to be in Minneapolis for a week for ReachGlobal’s new staff training. I’m looking forward to learning a lot and getting to meet a lot of new people. I’m also excited to see some of my other GoCorps peeps again who will be there! I know it’s going to be a great week, but it will also be a very full week. I definitely need prayers that I would be able to learn everything without getting overwhelmed, make the connections I need to, and get some really great Jesus fellowship time. The week after Minneapolis, I’m going to be in California for a week. My family planned a vacation there long before I ever knew I’d be going to Germany and I’m definitely looking forward to some much-needed relaxation and fun with my family and a few friends I’ll be connecting with along the way. While I’m looking forward to these two weeks, I’m a bit worried to be away from support raising that long since it’s been pretty much all I’ve done for the last month. I know it’ll be good to kind of detox from it all for a bit, but it gives me some stress that I’m losing this time to meet with people.

The rest of my summer is starting to shape up though with some great support raising opportunities! I’m currently planning a small breakfast event at my church at the end of July and planning a trip to visit a friend and connect with potential supporters in other cities in August. Right now, I’m just following God’s lead and holding on tight!