Blessings in Support Raising

I’m now officially entering my third week of full-time support raising! Already there have been many great appointments and unexpected blessings, though I have definitely already had my share of disappointments and difficulties. I was recently reflecting on something we learned during GoWeek that shifted how I think about support raising.

I had originally thought of support raising as this tremendous burden. I felt like it was awkward to ask for money and I was worried I would inconvenience people by asking to meet with them or insult them by inviting them to join my ministry support team on a financial basis. During GoWeek, we talked about how God’s provision works — I’m asking God for provision, my potential supporters are asking God where they should invest, and then it’s my responsibility to  invite a potential supporter to invest in my ministry. If I don’t ask, then I’m losing out on the blessing of gaining another supporter and I’m causing them to lose out on the blessing of investing their money in a God-directed way. Thinking this way really helped me to feel less like I was just being awkward or a burden when I asked people to invest in my mission.

This week, God opened my eyes about how the blessing of supporting each other doesn’t just apply to finances. Early in the week I was getting frustrated and disappointed after a few appointments fell through, and I was feeling very alone in what I was doing. I asked God to come fix it, but I wasn’t taking any active role in it. Finally, I texted a few friends who immediately came through with advice, support, prayer, and encouragement. After I later skyped with a friend who let me unburden myself to her, I felt much better, and the rest of the week went well.

I realized that while I was relying on God for financial support, I was also doing my part to invite other individuals to join with me resulting in blessings for both of us. However, when I was praying to God about my feelings of frustration, I was just letting myself wallow, rather than seeking out others to share the load. In the same way that I felt asking for money was a burden, I felt like sharing my frustrations with someone else would be a burden. After talking with my friends, I realized that emotional support works exactly the same way as financial support. I’m asking God to help me sort out my frustrations and hurts, potential supporters are asking God how they can serve others, and then I can reach out and invite others to support me by sharing my feelings. By reaching out, I end up feeling blessed by them and I know that God blesses those that help as well.

Going overseas for two years is huge and support is needed in a lot of different ways. I’m grateful that God faithfully provides the people that I need to support me as I continue this journey and I pray that every person I encounter would experience the Lord’s blessing