Nice To Meet You!

Hi there!

Thanks for stumbling into my Goer blog. If you're like me, then you're probably new to this page too. So why not spend some time getting to know each other, shall we? Great!

Okay, thanks for humoring my cheesy intro to my very first (ever!) Goer blog. On a serious note though, thanks for joining me. My name is Brianne Nix, but that normally gets shortened to Bri. (I actually prefer Bri. It's a little less formal and a lot more friendly.)

In May of 2020, I graduated from Belhaven University with a B.F.A in Dance and a B.A. in English. For the past two years, while attending college, I worked as a youth intern with my home church. Believe it or not, this internship actually caused me a little bit of trouble, but in the best way! You see, while working in youth ministry, God placed a desire in my heart for life long ministry. And this confused me, but let me explain. 

I decided to go to Belhaven because I've been dancing since I was 4 years old and I couldn't imagine a life where I wasn't dancing. So naturally, when I started to feel a longing to work in ministry, I was distraught because I was under the assumption that dance could never be used as a form of ministry. In my misinfromed mind, I would either have to give up dance to work on the mission field or disobey God's calling to pursue a selfish desire. I didn't think I could do both.

And I could not be more happy to have been wrong! 

In the summer of 2019, God used an overseas mission trip to introduce me to GoCorps -- the organization that works to put twenty somethings on the mission field using their college degrees. When I was told it was possible to work in full time ministry using my passion and love for dance, I absolutely HAD to look into it. Was it really possible that I could work doing the two things I'd become insanely passionate about?! Of course it was, and IS!

So I started applying to GoCorps and, through GoCorps, was appointed as a missionary with United World Mission as a Creative Innovator. In this position, I will be working with a local church of Granada, Spain to establish an arts ministry. There, I will be using my love for dance to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by teaching dance classes, choreographing for services, working with other artists, and laying the foundations of a cross collaborative arts ministry that ministers to the needs of the people of God. In addition to that, I will be connecting to artists and organizations already established in Granada and building relationships with those who do not know Christ for themselves. With this, I will be using my common ground as an artist to connect to people and open conversations about the gospel, in hopes of expanding God's Kingdom. 

I am so excited about this amazing opportunity and can't wait to step foot onto Spanish soil to begin this adventure. It's like I can see the sun rising over the mountains of a new season of life! 

Too cheesy? Okay, I'll step it back a bit. But the excitement is hard to contain!

Right now, I am in a season of preparation, building my ministry team and readying myself for the adventure ahead. As I learn more about the culture of Granada and connect with my team members, I'm sure there will be so much to share even in this season of preparing. So stay tuned and visit often to share in this story and everything God will do in and through this ministry!

Thanks for stumbling in! It was really nice to meet you :)