Lessons from Disney World

As a former Disney Cast Member, I LOVE Disney! However, one thing I dislike about Disney World is the lines. I hate to wait. If I ever went to the parks by myself, you could see me with a book and some snacks in every line **true story**. 

I don’t like waiting. Does anyone? We live in a culture where instant gratification is king and our attention spans are waning. What happens when we start expecting God to do things instantly or within our plan? 

God is rarely early, but never late. Life can feel like fighting an uphill battle. No matter the amount of effort and time it takes, it feels as though nothing is happening. Support raising sometimes feels like that for me. To be honest, sometimes I am too wrapped up in my own agenda that I get frustrated when God doesn’t work on my time table. I accuse Him of being late and not doing anything when, in reality, He is working behind the scenes. God doesn't work for me. It would be an easy task for God to bring in all my support instantly, however, maybe He is instilling something in my spirit such as resilience when things get hard, dependence on Him, perseverance, and faith in the waiting. The waiting is just as much part of the journey and the refining process as the going. 

So … I am choosing instead of worrying about being fully funded in 2 weeks to wait expectantly with joy for God to move and to celebrate when He does (and if He doesn’t). Because He can and He will. God is faithful. I just need to stop striving and let Him take control.