Just Fall

I was twenty-five feet off the ground, staring at my new-found friends, thinking “how did I get here?” I despise heights, so why did I decide to do a high ropes course, in the rain, where the only way down was to just fall? That’s what my belay (guide) told me. “Just fall. Trust me, I’ve got you.” I took a deep breathe. And fell**. 

Have you ever done something that made you feel like you were jumping off a cliff? Quitting my job, raising support, leaving friends and family, and moving across the ocean to live in Spain makes me feel like I’m jumping off a cliff sometimes. It is with great trepidation, yet great joy that I am stepping into all God has for me. The unknown can be terrifying and has left me in many moments thinking, what am I doing? Am I crazy? But, God has shown me over and over that I am not alone, that He is trustworthy, and faithful. The tasks God calls us to in life can often feel overwhelming and like more than we can handle. Heart pounding and adrenaline rushing through our veins, we wonder what we got ourselves into. God calls us to conquer our biggest fears and doubts with His strength in order to step into the unknown of His plans for us. When there is no other way down than to jump, God is inviting us to trust Him. In situations like these, we must pray bolder and expect Him to move in unbelievable ways. 

I don’t want my fear of support raising or the unknown to cause me to put limits on what I will do to obey the will of a great and mighty God. Therefore, I am stepping out in obedience to move to Spain! I will be a media content creator at a media center that is helping spread the Gospel to some of the most unreached people in the world. I can't wait to be used by God on this new venture! The need is great, so the question is how can I not go?


Adventure is out there, 

- Caitlyn

**(I safely floated to the ground. Many harnesses and safety precautions were used in this high ropes course)