Half-Way There - Being Faithfully Active

This process of support raising has been such a crazy and amazing adventure. Little did I realize just how much of a wild ride it would be - a roller coaster of emotions. It has been so incredibly good and stretching in my life already and it is only half-way over. One big way that it has been stretching me is spiritually as God has been teaching me what this new season entails. 

For the last 4-6 years, I have felt like I have been in a "waiting" and preparing period. I felt like I was being told to actively wait and prepare for an opportunity that the Lord had for me in the future. Today as I prepare and near the time to go on the mission field, I realize that the opportunity I was preparing for is happening now, which is so exciting! During the past 6 weeks, the Lord has been teaching me the new posture that I need to take in this season. Instead of "actively waiting", I need to be "faithfully active" in placing myself in positions for the Lord to work and provide. This has required a lot of work and effort, but it has been so incredibly life-giving and encouraging.