Let Salvation and Righteousness Bear Fruit

Recently I was reading and reflecting on Isaiah 45:8, which reads, “Drip down, O heavens, from above, and let the clouds pour down righteousness; let the earth open up and salvation bear fruit and righteousness spring up with it. I, the Lord, have created it.” (NASB).  As I meditated on this passage the following image came to mind: 

The Throne of the Heavens sits atop the clouds, with a river of living water running past it. The river runs off the clouds as a waterfall and crashes to the earth, creating a pool.  From that pool flows a peaceful river, and along the banks of the river grows the “three sisters”.  (The Three Sisters is a companion planting crop system-- made up of corn, beans, and squash grown “stacked” together-- that was created by native americans as part of a sustainable, diverse farming landscape.  The crops provided mutual benefits and lead to optimized productivity.)  This crop system bearing yield together represents Salvation and Righteousness growing dependant on one another and bearing fruit together on the earth as caused by the earth.  

With calls around the world for increased righteousness and justice, those of us who follow Jesus need to remember that God is the source of righteousness, and that He has designed that Righteousness and Salvation go hand in hand.



Photo from Google