My Letter to Potential and Future Goers

I will never forget the first few days that GoCorps was introduced to me and my then girlfriend, now wife, Sophie. The amount of peace, excitement, and clarity the Holy Spirit brought to us was a total gift. Well, that’s a slight simplification. With a lot of prayer, talking to family and friends, and time weighing the pros and cons, we knew the best option forward was pursuing missions in Peru. Whether that was coincidental missions nights, having Peru pop up everywhere, or listening to wise leaders in our lives, all directions pointed towards GO. I’m not sure if you’ve already passed by some of those moments, are just starting them, or maybe have had a different experience, but I encourage you to converse with God, those closest to you, and with your heart’s deepest desire. No matter what the answer will be, it will be a good one!

If that answer is being a Goer, congrats, I am so excited for you! Each step of excitement comes with nervousness, but each step only brings with it more great life experience and continues to mold you into the man or woman you were created to be. Some of those vivid moments for me were: the first support raising appointment phone calls, being with our missionary leaders for the first time in the states (knowing next time would be south of the equator), getting on the plane, first smells of walking foreign streets, language class initial breakthroughs, and the gradual yet memorable first moments of feeling “settled” in a new place.

John 3:30 says, “He must increase, I must decrease.” I actually got a birthday tattoo of this while in Peru to remember this core verse during the initial stages. While there was so much peace and excitement, I also saw friends and classmates buying houses, going to grad school, and getting high paying jobs. When my mind would start to wander, I knew that God’s voice was so clear in pushing us where we needed as I reflected on this verse. His plans are so much greater. Not always easier, not always more comfortable, not always fun, but way beyond worth it! 

If already decided, enjoy the awesome journey with GoCorps!! If not, you really should go for it!