In May my church made the switch from being in a temporary building to a more permanent building we have keys to. So, we were in full gear for about one full month - painting, cleaning, scrubbing, installing new technology, making the building our home. 

Throughout the summer I helped my church and missions team receive and serve alongside about 4 different short-term-missions teams. 


It was a whole lot - like a whole lot


I didn’t know that my Spanish was good enough to translate on the spot - I didn’t know that Mexicans had expectations of North Americans and that North Americans had expectations of the Mexicans. 

I didn’t know how seriously Mexicans took hospitality - regardless of how tired they may be from their day job 


There I sat in-between the two cultures. 


There were long days and time and time people reassured me that I appeared to have boundless energy (I don’t know how)


We had two churches from Chicago one was called Church of the Beloved and my sweet friend Yuri #fellowgoer took the time to show them extremes that exist within Mexico City - the different ministries she’s connected to all the while providing opportunities for them to serve the Mexicans. 


The other church from Chicago was called Chicago West Bible Church and this team/church raised money in the states and organized a block party in our neighbourhood. This was a unquie way they chose serve but also a super, super practical way. Our church has a new building a neighborhood that is new to us and by having a free block party for our new neighbors we were able to be hospitable to our new neighborhood and invited many new families to our church and are squeezing as many people as we can in our church on a Sunday morning even with our two services. 


Our church is connected with a church in Arizona and they sent a team down to us for a week and we were able to use the funds they raised and buy supplies to build rooms in our church plant Harvest Norte. Which is an incredible blessing. The head pastor of Harvest Norte and his core team plan on beginning services this month #Godwilling


My team of missionaries that I am part of Avance, received 5 short term missionaries for two months. These girls had the opportunity to further their knowledge of Spanish and Mexican culture all the while assisting around the city in different ministries Avance is connected to. They helped organize a summer school field day, the cleaned a youth hostel, they served with my churches’ vacation bible school, they assisted at a transition home for girls who want/ed a way out of sex trafficking, they helped a community center as English tutors, and a few other ministries. 


Then the first full week in August I made the switch of ministries. I now how the opportunity to serve at Warm Heart Community which is a ministry that has a youth hostel and cafe. I work as the cafe manager, help to write recipes Standard Operating Procedures, train others, and be a fun cultural teacher about Mexico City. 

It’s an interesting role but I am super happy to do it. 

All the while this is happening I serve with CUR at UNAM and help with their English Club and I serve my church on Sundays either with Worship or Children’s ministry or whatever rag tag thing they need between Saturday and Sunday. 

Then once a week I help a family and tutor their daughters in English. 


In between everything I have the opportunity to do a lot of discipleship

With the travelers at the youth hostel, with the young adults at UNAM, with the youth at my church, and really any other young adult who stumbles into my schedule. 


It feels like a lot because I have long days starting at either 6 am or 7 am then I typically finish my day between 11pm and 1 am. 

In the midst of it all my rest day is super sweet. As much as an extrovert as I am - I’ve learned I really, really love time alone just reading or going on walks so I try to implement life giving activities in-between all of my meetings and activities. 

Really in all of it I absolutely love seeing the transformation of hearts and the multiplication of my community as they grow and grow. 


There are days where it feels like I don’t have enough to physically show others show how God is moving - then I take into account that it is difficult to show the insides of people’s hearts


I do the work I do not because I want to prove something to man but because 

I am responding to God.