Mi Casa es Tu Casa

I have been told that Mexicans are more welcoming more “warm climate” natured than those in the states. I shrugged my shoulders and said “okay”

This past week I have been living in that observation. 

It’s intensified when these Mexicans I’ve been loved by are also Christians. A series of very sad events took place this week - but Christ was glorified in all.

My sweet sweet host sister passed away in a car accident. 

It hurt so much and I felt like a blubbering mess for 3 days. My cheeks hurt from all the crying and all the wind that made them rosier than usual.

But the body of Christ surrounded me L I T E R A L L Y

I receive love well through quality time and touch. God gave me so many warm arms to embrace me, He gave me people with free schedules who let me cry with them, and others who took me to get ice cream because I didn’t have an appetite.

I didn’t have a home to sleep in because everyone in my close community flew to her hometown where she passed away, to pray with her family and to celebrate her life.

Yet my director and his wife opened up their home to me. 

They surrounded me with prayer and fed me when I felt like I couldn’t eat. 

There were days where I did not know where I was going to sleep, whether it was the back of a car, or someone’s couch. Still, many people called and checked in on me. They found me a place to sleep. They found me food to eat. This inexplicable love I hadn’t experienced before, is the body of Christ in full force doing the very thing Christ called us to do. Love. I learned that as a human I have a tendency to hide my emotions I have a tendency to bottle up my feelings. I tried to do this. But the body of Christ is so persistent. They didn’t let me wallow in grief alone, they didn’t let pessimism get the best of me.

Over and over we sung to Christ, we studied the Bible, and reminded each other that Dios es bueno, Dios es fiel.

Toward the end of the week my foggy brain cleared up and I remembered that Jesus said this walk would be difficult. I knew that in this real real real intense trial that the enemy would try and sneak in. So, even now I continue to surround myself with community. I visit her husband, my host brother, and pray with his family.

Today he told me mi casa es tu casa siempre, mi familia es tu familia siempre. 


The three of us where not flatmates. We were and still are family.

It still feels like I’ll see my host sister tomorrow at a bible study or she’ll wake up singing with me.

In a way that is totally true. 

This earth is not our home. 

This earth was not her home. 

I will see her again.  

I can’t wait to worship our creator with her again.





Please continue to pray over us. 

My host brother sustained injuries that affected his back in the accident. 

Their nieces where with them too, pray for emotional and physically healing. 

Pray that God continues to comfort all of us in this tragedy.

Pray that wherever her name is spoken that God is glorified in the same breath.