Making Mexico Home

So, I’ve been here in Mexico for about 5 months, which is a little crazy to think about. I understand SO MUCH Spanish, which is crazy, considering I didn’t speak any before I came here to Mexico. I gave my friend a tour around Mexico and even translated things for my friend. WHAT.

I feel comfortable in many different neighborhoods here.

I have found friends, like real humans who tell me not to apologize for who I am, who push me to do things I might find embarrassing and are in my corner as my hypeman shouting in Spanish and English.

W  O  W

I am learning Spanish also through singing. I am learning how to sing with others through a choir but everything is in Spanish. The first month of practices where overwhelming and a little stressful because I also cannot read music.

It was a whole lot of can’t • but we did it • and now I’ve memorized almost all of the songs (the ones I don’t have memorized are the songs I play the djimbe to)

So through all of the difficulties of language it somehow has all clicked … SOMEHOW

This week, my main ministry shifted a little bit.

I was working for my church here in Mexico City, I went into our office translated a bunch of things, sat in at a lot of different meetings but I was offered a new ministry role with a little bit more responsibility. When it was first offered to me, I felt a bit overwhelmed as I physically ran all over the city from meeting to meeting – showing up where my presence was required and showing up and serving where I wanted to do.





I am now trading my hours that I worked at my church office to help more on the administrative side of my mission team (Avance) . Which I did not see coming but it’s been really good.

We have five short term missionaries coming to Mexico City and I get to help my team welcome them to Mexico City – teach them how to maneuver around the city. Encourage them to speak Spanish in and outside of Spanish class and help facilitate their time here in Mexico City. These missionaries will be here for two months, and I pray that the end of their two months they will see and recognize that missions is everywhere.


That God has called all to serve and serve where He has called us.


Please pray that God helps my Spanish improve so that I can mentor and love well and that he transforms the hearts of the missionaries coming here to Mexico City