So, did you study to be a missionary?

Ha, yeah right - that’d make my life a little easier. 


I get asked a lot of questions, some are from people I’ve known since I’ve arrived, and some are from people I have only known for a minuet.


No – I didn’t come to Mexico for an adventure. 

No – I didn’t come to Mexico because I didn’t have a job lined up. 

No – I didn’t come to Mexico because I felt pity toward the Mexican people. 

No – I didn’t come to Mexico because I love warm weather.

No – I didn’t come because only I can go to Mexico and I’m special and all that nonsense. 

No. No. No. (refer to Michael Scott when Toby Flenderson returns to work at Dunder-Mifflin after Holly leaves)


Not to disregard those that travel for these reasons, I just did not pack my belongings into two suitcases for two years for any of the above reasons. 


I came to Mexico because every time I read the bible – I read about the seemingly countless people who leave everything they hold dear and go to where God calls them, ultimately spreading the love of Christ and making disciples. No really, this burden has been on my heart for a few years, like “ever since I became a Christian few years” .


Genesis 12:1-9

Abraham left his family, left everything he cultivated and called home and in doing so along the way Abraham built an altar for God to express his worship toward his God (12:8). Here you have someone willing to go where God called them but the bible doesn’t hold back and shows us of Jonah, the relunctant prophet.


Jonah 1:3; 3:5-10

Homeboy ran away but God still brought Jonah to the place where He wanted him. Still, the Ninevites proclaimed a fast and repented and God showed compassion. We cannot disregard the call God has placed on our hearts, run away from it, ignore it, and dilly-dally in our own time. God’s will, will be done.


 Acts 9:15; 27-30

‘Ol Paulie here gave his life to Christ, in dramatic Paul fashion, then he could NOT SHUT UP about Christ. Paul was publicly professing that Christ is Lord everywhere, to the point where people were plotting his death – but Paul kept going and homeboy went everywhere, even sharing the gospel in prison.

These are only a few passages in the bible that have resonated with me, there are so many other sermons I heard, so many more passages, and many notebooks are filled with the resounding theme that I need to go where I am called. It may not be comfortable, but nonetheless I need to go because one way or another God’s will is gonna be done.


I came to Mexico because I felt the call to go where God calls me to. 

I actually had an awesome job - I quit my job took a pay cut and came to Mexico.

I’m not really that “specially” talented I’ve just been trained very well and respond well to strong direction.

I actually hate summer and love winter cold air that freezes your nose hairs and you end up coughing so much because of the cold air that’s entered your lungs, it’s my favourite. 

I came to Mexico to join a movement that is already taking place. 

For me missions is done everywhere; in the cities I’ve lived in I found a way to serve the community and to share the gospel with those who are unaware of God and challenge the nominal Christians. 

I was content doing this. 

I actually miss my old life. 

It was actually easier for me to stay in Chicago. 

I never studied theology I am just a regular ‘ol cook. 

I make cold things hot and big things small.

I actually really love science and food but that is something I study in my free time, for now. 

What I am doing wasn’t too difficult of a life choice because for me this is all a response.

This is what I felt I’ve been called to. 


So, I serve like I would serve my brothers in Chicago, I laugh like I would with my sisters in New York and I pray like I would with my new family here in Mexico

There was never a special “a ha” moment that I needed to escape a situation in the states, that I needed to do some type of charity work to feel good about myself (refer back to The Office reference earlier).


It was all to continue in obedience to where God has called me. 


It’s as simple as that.