The Special Day

Ever since I was little, I always dreamt about what my wedding would look like. There were so many decisions I had to consider. Like, whether it was going to be big or small? Or which season would be perfect for it, summer, spring, or fall? Or the most important question, what colors are going to be in my wedding? Once I figured out those questions, I dive into more questions about the dress. What kind of dress would I like? Do I want a big dress like Cinderella or a smaller one to be more traditional? Do I want a long train or keep it simple? What kind of fabric should the dress be? Lace or diamonds? Do I want the traditional white or another color? What are the best flowers? Who is catering? So many questions and so much time to prepare for this day.

Now that I am 22 years old, I still prepare for this day. I dream about how I will respond once it happens. I am curious about who my husband will be and his reaction (He needs to cry!) But, the day I am most hopeful for is when I meet the One. This day will trump all days of my being. Everything that will come, will happen in that moment. It all is because He is the One who prepared me. Knowing the fact that it was hard for me to love and fight for that love. Through the countless nights I did not feel safe or wanted. The days that went by thinking I was not good enough for anyone. The times where I did not want to love Him because things were tough, and I wanted to be stubborn. The countless moments I kept running away. His unconditional love fought for me and grabbed me before I could fall.

I cannot wait for this special day to finally lock eyes with the One who made me complete.