What matters

What are the reasons people (individuals) do not matter (to society)? 

1. Because they are homeless.

2. Because they are poor.

3. Because they are obese.

4. Because they are ugly.

5. Because they don't believe they deserve to matter.



Why do people (individuals) matter?

1. Because people think the individual does.


2. Because the individual thinks they do.


Why do I matter.


Because people matter. 

Because I am people.

I am a person.

So I matter.


Why do people matter?


Why, do, people, matter? 



Because they do. 


But why do they matter to me?

Because they are souls. 


People matter. Their feelings matter. Because they are important. Every person is important. 

I reached the core of who I am, and what I found there is what matters to me. It's people. They are important. People matter.