Between Hearts

I realized that my story isn't the kind that I will ever share in front of a congregation.


It isn't the kind of testimony that I will paraid around a church or publish in a book.




I always wanted an important story. A story with an impressive middle and inspiring end. 




I mourned that I didn't have one. That I didn't matter. I mourned that I was a painfully average, good Christian girl.




Now I have had to mourn the loss of that not being true. 




My eyes have opened. I have seen reality as facts. Instead of the fiction I painted to survive. 




My story will be one shared between hearts. It is important. But it will not be displayed for all to see. 




This is not what I want. But I have come back to this thought for months and it is what I have come to embrace. 


Just because a story is not shared with everyone, does not mean it is not important.