When God is Never Mentioned


One of two - and most underrated - books in the Bible that is named after a woman. That alone tells you what type of God we have - if you said an inclusive one, you were right. If you didn't say anything at all and just continued reading, that's okay too.

It was day 7 of being in my apartment and doing everything life-related through my superhero-sticker-covered laptop.

You could imagine how I'm doing right now -



However, I can't go to church, so I decided to look for a sermon online - you know, the thing that basically the entire world is doing right now. I made the decision to start listening to a sermon series from my church back in the U.S. about the book of Esther. Not going to lie - I have read through the book and fallen in love with it, so it was only fair that I was a bit (okay a lot) jealous my pastor decided to preach through Esther literally a week after I flew to Berlin. Nevertheless, I'm thankful that they know how to use technology and post everything online.

To this day, it still amazes me how you can get something completely new from the Bible every time you read it regardless of how many times. When I read through Esther, I hadn't even noticed the fact that God's name was not even mentioned.

Not. Even. Once. Wild right?

I know, I know. Your mind just exploded.


It was almost as if He wasn't there. As if He was sitting on His beautiful gold and jewel-embellished throne on vacation. Like He was just...silent.

In the exact same way, I feel like this is how God is here in Berlin. I've been trying to figure out why. Why is He so quiet? Why does it seem like I can't feel or hear Him? What is He up to?

Then it hit me.

He doesn't always have to be loud to be present. God is a God of promises and He has promised to never abandon His people. This is how He functioned in Persia and still brought redemption to His people. Maybe this is just how He functions in Berlin - Europe even - to bring redemption to His people. In the midst of God's "absence" He still used Esther to save her people. Mordecai himself said

"Who knows, perhaps you have come to your royal position for such a time as this."

Perhaps, God has put me here for such a time as this. Perhaps, He has placed you where you are for such a time as this. 

Has God put me here - and you there - to realize that He is still present and still working when all is silent - when His name isn't even mentioned?