Wait Wait Wait....You Want Me to go WHERE?

This is the face I made when God told me that I would be going overseas for 2 years.

Now if you know me well, this was the last thing that was on my mind. When God made it clear to me that I would be going to Berlin for two years to work with youth, I laughed. I doubted. I shook my head thinking that He had made a mistake -- but God doesn’t make mistakes. He is perfect. You might be slightly curious how I got to this point: So this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became a goer beyond ordinaire.  

Keep in mind that I have heard about GoCorps 5 times...literally. The first 4 times I either completely dismissed the thought, laughed, kindly rejected, or pretended that I would check it out but never really did. Now the 5th time. I attended a 5-day conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee with about 2,000 other students. This was a time to come together to learn more about Jesus, build friendships, enjoy each other, and even witness others giving their lives to the Lord. Pretty amazing.

At this conference, tons of mobilizers from organizations come and speak about their organization. They would have tables set up in hopes of students approaching them and wanting to learn more. For some apparent reason I decided to walk up to the GoCorps table (okay it was low key because I wanted a free shirt). I read about their placements and was shocked that they even had something related to fashion (because no one ever does).

Fast forward, I applied and began to go through the process. I struggled with even believing that God wanted me to do something this crazy. I struggled to believe that I was good enough and worthy enough to go.I struggled to be okay with the fact that I would be away from my friends and family for two years. What would I say to the people I came in contact with? How would I “correctly” share the Gospel with them?

God then led me to read Matthew 10:19-20, 37-39. I realized that God would give me the words to say at the right time. I realized I had no excuse and that I am unworthy of Jesus if I put my family before him - people he so graciously blessed me with.

I decided to go.

Then I was tested.

Right before I received the final employment letter, I was informed that the original placement I wanted no longer had a placement for me. I either had the choice to find a different track or not go.

When I received this news, I was in Tampa, Florida on a missions trip with my campus ministry. I immediately went to my room leader and asked for her advice, this is what she said: “Are you seeking to go because it would have benefited YOU and helped YOU with YOUR degree and have given YOU experience for yourself? Or are you seeking to go because it’s glorifying to God to share Jesus with those who don’t know him?”

Well crap. Go ahead and reveal how sinful I am.

Then I went to my disciple leader. The final stepping stool to my final decision. She simply said this:

“It doesn’t matter whether you stay in the states or go overseas because God will be glorified either way. What it comes down to is which decision He would be glorified the MOST in.”

So here I am. Just coming back from GoWeek - from being in Minnesota for a week. With nearly a Minnesotan accent I need to get rid of immediately. Here I am. One day before my first support raising appointment.

And guess what?

I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything else in the world.