The New Normal


I am excited to announce that I am officially done with the language portion of my time here! I have felt very encouraged and empowered by how much I’ve learned and how much I am now able to communicate. In order to maintain my current communication level, I will continue to meet with Turkish friends and practice conversations. 

Phase 1 of Re-opening Country 

My host country has handled the virus very well, which has resulted in comparatively low cases here. Praise the Lord! After being in a restrictive lock-down for about three months, things are to return to “normal.” We can now meet in groups of five people or between two households.  Café’s, markets, and bakeries function like normal with workers handing out hand-sanitizer, taking temperatures, and ensuring that all customers are wearing masks. I cannot express enough how thankful I am to start meeting with some dear friends again as well as be able to walk outside more freely! If I have learned anything from this season, it is that He knows our needs and simple joys are not to be taken for granted. 

Full-time Workin’ Gal! 

As far as work goes, we have been able to resume visiting with our dear refugee friends and their families. Additionally, our team was able to interview a large group of marginalized refugees and put together resources that would be helpful for them to grow in their knowledge of Scripture. This process has been incredibly humbling and awe-inspiring. We have heard so many amazing testimonies of how God has used supernatural dreams and situations to win souls for Him. There is power in the name of Jesus! Regarding this process we have a handful of believers who have gotten so excited about the project, they’re itching to get involved. Our next goal is to train these believers in order for them to become disciple-makers and movement shakers among their people. Hopefully, this training can take place in person. 

One of the key ways that we’ve been able to help refugees at the program is by calling them, sending groceries, offering rent/bill assistance, and praying for them. The program decided to do a program-wide (African, Syrian, Syrian-K, and Afghan) distribution to every participant. 55,800 TL worth (about 8,206 USD) of grocery cards were distributed along with milk. The women were so thankful for this resource! 

Again, thank you all for your continued prayers and support. He is worthy of it all!