Steven - My Updates from Grenoble, France

Class of 2018
Mid-Term Communications Coordinator in Grenoble, France
Track: University Outreach
Region: Europe
Through thoughtful prayer, Christians are compelled to partake in the unknown and uncomfortable. The first time I lived overseas set a fire in me to pursue cultural engagement. I realized how different cultures interacting can grow our societies, governments, ideologies, and the church. Even though there is a great sense of unknown and uncertainty, I now feel drawn to other countries to learn, grow, and teach others. I pray that God will use me to invest in other people’s lives and grow my faith and understanding in ways that I can’t even imagine. By the end of my experience I hope if I am not called to stay in France, God will make known to me my “next step” to further engage Americans and other cultures in foreign affairs. Until that time comes I plan to ready myself with an open mind and a prayerful heart.

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