Christina - My Updates from Ireland

Class of 2018
Church Catalyst Worker - Next Generation Ministries in Ireland
Track: Youth Development
Region: Europe
My name is Christina! I grew up in Minnesota and have mostly loved every minute of it (the winters can get really cold and long). My family is pretty small with my parents, sister and brother in-law and their son. I went to Bethel University in St.Paul, MN and graduated with a Biology degree! Though I love science and find it super fascinating how God puts everything together, I am very passionate about youth ministry. God has given me a heart of working with these little ones (and up to young adults). After working at camp for three summers as a counselor and then one and a half years as an intern, the Lord has made it very clear that He has called me into youth ministry full time. I am SO EXCITED for where He has called me to next -- Cork, Ireland. While there, I will be serving in a local church and helping them continue to develop their youth, teens, and young adult programs! Using the skills that I have learned from camp, and other experiences while in college, I am looking forward to partnering with the local church and seeing what God is already doing in Ireland, and then watching His Kingdom grow during my two years there!

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