A Foundation of Promise

     Hey there! My name is Lindsay, and I graduated from Biola University in 2015 with a degree in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Psychology. In early 2018, I'll be moving to South Africa with United World Mission (UWM) for full-time ministry work. I have felt the Lord calling me into missions since middle school, and since that point I've been learning more and more about what that looks like during my time in college, serving in various ministry settings, and going on short-term mission trips. Throughout all of these experiences, the Lord has taught me so much about Himself, His heart for the world, and my own role in reaching out to the lost, poor, and brokenhearted. I have always had a passion to help people, hear their stories, and make a meaningful and sustainable impact on their lives, and I love reminding people in small ways that they are worthy of being loved by their Creator and by others around them. Traveling and experiencing other cultures and ways of doing life have also always captured my heart. 

     Even with all of these callings and passions and experiences, if you had told me a year or so ago that I would be serving overseas for the next two years, I would've said you were crazy. And yet, here I am! God has used all of these things to bring me to where I am today in order to use me in ways that I would have never imagined. As I look back now, I realize on a bigger scale how good the Lord has been in allowing me to participate in the Kingdom work that He’s doing around the world. Who am I that He would use me? When He spoke to me at that camp service in middle school about going into missions, I was a pimply, awkward teenage girl who dreaded the thought of asking the waiter at a restaurant for extra ketchup, let alone traveling alone to another country to talk to complete strangers. The ways that God has radically transformed literally everything about me continues to astound me every day. This new opportunity to go to South Africa makes me feel like that scared little junior high girl all over again as I ponder the massive implications of leaving everything I've ever known to go somewhere that I've never been with people I've never met. 

     But then there’s God. And His word and His perfect promises. The beauty of feeling afraid and unqualified is that I am not doing this alone.  With this foundation beneath my feet, I look forward to stepping into this new season of life and be a part of things that are beyond my wilest expectations in South Africa!