Lindsay - My Updates from South Africa

Class of 2017
Missional Community Resident in South Africa
Track: Community Development
Region: Africa - Sub-Saharan
Hey there! My name is Lindsay, and starting in early 2018, I'll be serving with United World Mission's East Mountian program in South Africa. I have felt God's calling on my life to go into missions since middle school. Since then I have been pursuing what that missions means and what it could look like through serving in various ministries, getting my degree in Intercultural Studies, and going on multiple short-term mission trips. All of these experiences and the relationships that I've had along the way have given me a heart for holistically caring for others, creating sustainable change in communities, and lifting up the hopeless and brokenhearted with the living gospel of Christ and His redemptive work. While in South Africa, I will be participating in East Mountain’s residential program where a variety of tools such as spiritual formation, theological training, one-on-one discipleship, and the opportunity to live in a diverse community setting will all be used to equip me as a Christian leader for global missional service. With these biblical and practical tools, I will have a full-time partnership with a local church or non-profit where I will learn from local leaders and walk alongside them as they seek to transform their communities. These partnerships in the community seek to meet holistic need, equip leaders, and build up the local church.

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