Today was Rich

Today was rich in so many senses of the word.

It was rich in provision,





Searching for the best in people,







Over the top cheesecake and coffee,



Wonderful stories of looking back, and Looking forward.

It was rich in unique Hope, excitement, and bitter-sweetness.

And I am trying to savor and remember each one.

It’s as if the fact that there is an official end in sight (I am officially moving back to the US in June), that I long and savor and appreciate each beauty. But you can’t do that without also holding the hardship and heartbreak; it makes me see the beauty and light in the night so much clearer. I love this city as it challenges and pushes me past what is comfortable and my competence into growth and dependence on the Lord.

It’s the pause (wanted or unwanted) that the boat ride brings, that reminds me to stop and savor after a long day at work. The wonderful moment to savor of the fact that I take a boat home is one I do not take for granted (even if I just wished I could teleport home or that I complained that I missed it and had to wait 15 minutes, or that we are not stuck in waiting for a cargo ship to pass). But the 20 minutes of fresh air and water in the midst of this never-ending concrete jungle.

I rest and remember the goodness and richness of our great God.