The Hidden Life of Home Visits

My dear teammate Cate*: Esther*, could you call Sumaya* and see if she’d like us to
visit on Wednesday?
.... They want us? Great. Can you ask for their address?
E: They said that you’d remember where the house is.
C: Oh... really? (They obviously have no idea how directionally
challenged I am). Right now I can’t even think of which
neighborhood they’re in....
E: They said it’s near the tree.
C: Oh! Ok, I know what neighborhood “the tree” is. But where
exactly is their house...... Oh, yeah, last time we saw Sumaya, it
was actually when we were trying to visit Fatima. But Fatima
wasn’t home, and we ran into Sumaya on the street. OK, I think I
can get there.... Though I’m not entirely sure which floor they
were on.

The next day we are on our way, still not sure where we are going. 
{arrive at building, start walking up} An older lady on the 1st
floor asks where we’re going. When we mention Sumaya, she
takes us up a floor where Sumaya’s aunt greets us at the door.
This looks right. We remember coming here, and remember the
aunt. .... Except, wait. The aunt leads us downstairs. Apparently
last time, when we visited unexpectedly, Sumaya just brought us
to her aunt’s house.
Auntie takes us a couple of streets over and around the neighborshood, where we finally get to
Sumaya’s apartment, an apartment I’m pretty sure I’ve never
been to! Nonetheless, we made it!