May the Word Truly Be Alive for Her

Earlier this year a young mother who was new to our moms program came into the clothing closet, I recognized her, but we hadn’t really met before. As with every new client who comes, we offered a book of stories of Jesus to read with her kiddo. She jumped at the chance! The next time she came in, just last month, she eagerly asked if we had any other books of Jesus she could read. We have been running really low on Arabic literature recently, but we offered her what we had, a New Testament. She again jumped to take it, eager to read more of the stories she has been hearing at program.

In addition to coordinating the clothing closet, another thing I regularly do is visit women who attend programs. As the Lord provided, I actually got to visit this same young mom later that week! Since it was the first time we visited her, we didn’t quite know what to expect, but when we arrived she greeted us so warmly. We had such an open and warm conversation with her and her in-laws who she lives with, about life and Istanbul and spiritual things. Even as we both recognized strong convictions and devoutness in our different religions, it was encouraging to hear how they were not shy about sharing their beliefs with us and ours with them while maintaining such respect. It was a wonderful time of getting to know her and her story better, along with her in-laws and how they have been adjusting to living far away from their homeland. Her son is also absolutely adorable and learning how to walk and blow kisses which melts my heart every time I see him. Please pray for her and her family, that she would be reading her NT and discussing it with her husband and family. Pray that it would not be only stories to her but that the living word of God would bring her true life.