This is the Confidence

At this point, I am still Stateside, but hoping to leave for the field within the next month. A major deterrent is that I still lack all of the funds needed to get to the field. This fact is a burden on me, and I often find myself feeling discouraged. However, I know that the LORD is faithful, and though I still have a great need, time and again He has fulfilled some of the need by bringing in partners and some of the funds—even when I have not been as faithful. These times are encouraging to me, as they are little reminders that this is still His will.

I am down to the final bit, and I know He will fulfill all my needs in His time. That does not make the waiting easy. In fact, that patience and full reliance on Him is something He has been teaching me in this waiting period. The funds that come in are not because of anything I do but has everything to do with what God does. That truth is a blessing in that it relieves any burden from me having to convince people to support me, but is also a difficulty in that it means this self-reliant girl has no control whatsoever over the funds.

I have a date set for departure that seems a good time. While it is quickly approaching, I feel confident that this is the date I will leave. It seems a manageable date, and I do not feel as overwhelmed by my need as I did before.

I hope that my next post will be in country. Until then, may the LORD bless and keep us all, and cause His face to shine upon us (c.f. Numbers 6:24-26).