My letter to future Goers

So you’re thinking about going overseas…

You might feel like there are a million reasons to say no.  Going requires sacrifice, leaving things behind. Going means leaving everything you know to go start a new life, one where you probably won’t know what you’re doing for a looooong while. It means giving up spending time with friends and family, maybe giving up taking a job in your field, and giving up any control you thought you had over your life. 


But I’m sitting here now, back home in Indiana for two months now, and the things that I “lost” don’t occupy my mind. Instead, it’s all the things I gained.

Yeah, I didn’t see my friends or family in person very much over the last 2 years. But FaceTime is a literal life saver when you live overseas.  And if you’re worried, I’m still close friends with all same people I was friends with before I left.  Our relationships may have changed some, but graduating from college is going to do that anyways. 

And yes, I did lose what some might call “valuable time” in my career field while I was gone. But being in Germany helped me to determine where I really want to go in the future, and I’ve actually decided to go into another field altogether. I’m not sure I would’ve gotten to that had I not decided to go to Germany.

And the “giving up control” point is almost laughable at this point.  Being in Berlin showed me more than anything that there are very few things in my life that I truly have control over. And that hard truth sent me straight to Jesus.  Berlin revealed the Lord to me in ways that I’m not sure I would’ve seen had I never left America.  I relied on Him in ways I never would have needed to had I gone on to live a “normal” life in Indiana after college.


Going meant for me: a deeper understanding and connection with God that came from greater reliance on Him, deep relationships with people that I know I will have for the rest of my life, a better understanding of culture and people in general, a growing passion for women and marginalized peoples, and literally so much more! What you can experience from going overseas feels indescribable to me now and I would not have had it any other way, losses included. I’m so incredibly grateful that God called me to Berlin, even if only for a season, and that he provided everything I needed to get there, and that He was with me every second of every day while I was there.

And if you decide to go, He will do the same for you.