Abbie Update

Hi friends,

I’m gonna make this post short and sweet. I’m almost half way through of support raising. Woot! Not gonna lie, as each week goes by, I am getting more and more excited for my move to Germany.  Okay, if I’m really really really honest I wish I could move tomorrow. Never have I ever needed to rely more on God’s provision and never have I ever been more sure that He’s opened this door.  It’s pretty cool.

It also hasn’t been easy, but when has God ever called us to something easy? We have to learn to “BE COMFORTABLE WITH THE UNCOMFORTABLE”. So basically you’re always in a place of learning. It’s quite a humbling position to be in. Great right? Every time you go through a humbling moment you always think, “Well that’s never gonna happen again!”. Literally two seconds later the same exact thing happens. So it makes sense that God allows these moments to occur so you are reminded who is ultimately in control and pride doesn’t consume you.

Anyway, I’ll continue to keep you guys posted on my endeavors.