So it Begins

Hey Friends,

So glad you could stop by. I am super excited to share with you about this crazy new chapter in life God has brought me too. To start off it’s been kind of a whirlwind process but also a time of learned patience. Ever since I  lived in Eastern Europe as a missionary kid with my parents I felt God leading me into a life of overseas missions.

 My sophomore year of high-school, however, is when God truly opened my eyes to a need that He would and still is preparing me to fill.  I read a book called Sold which was written from the perspective of a ten-year-old girl from India. Because her parents were so incredibly poor they sold her to what they had been told was a woman who would provide their daughter with a housekeeping job. Little did they know they just sold their daughter into the life of prostitution. Reading this story literally brought me to my knees in despair. I could not believe such atrocity could exist. That people were trafficked into the sex trade just wrecked me and this is exactly what God wanted me to feel because it breaks his heart too. From that point on I spent my time researching and learning whatever I could about sex trafficking globally and finding any opportunity I could to gain more experience. Literally every day I was like, “Ok God, I’m ready. Here I am send me. I’ve done all this stuff now what?.” And every time God said “Not yet Abbie, wait patiently on me. I’ll let you know.”

After I graduated college I was kind of at a loss and in this crazy stage of transition of the unknown.  I was thinking well now what? I have this degree in Public Health and I want to use it to reach girls who’ve been trafficked. So I just prayed over and over for the patience to wait on God and His timing. Turns out God was like, “Abbie, now is the time. You finally turned to me for the answers and Boom I’m going to remind you of this thing called Go corps that your friend told you about.”

That brings us to January a few months after my graduation and I am casually googling Go Corps and looking over the track to see what they have to offer. And low and behold there is a two year compassion/ justice track in Berlin, Germany to serve as an advocate for victims of trafficking. Light bulb! This was my chance. Long story short that brings me here today. I’m typing out my GoCorps blog post, preparing to raise support ,and move to Germany to be a part of God’s awesome story that is Berlin. God’s got a plan and He knows the perfect timing for everything. So wait patiently on him!