The King of Open Doors

This past year could be described as a year full of doors. A couple doors that I really wanted to walk through closed, and some doors that I could not have even dreamed up opened. Some of my favorite stories from this year are about the doors that look shut at first, but Father surprises me by opening them in a way that glorifies Him. I certainly did not think I would be moving to this country, there were moments when I wondered if support would come through in time, and continual trusting Him as I walk into the unknowns of starting a new life overseas. One of the most profound, and literal, open door stories took place on our January mountain trip.

The type of trip that we went on in January is categorized as an exploratory trip.  On these kinds of trips, my company looks for good hikes and hostels to take groups to when they come out to these areas with us. This is the perfect time to build relationships with locals and spend quality time together.

It was our last night before heading back to the city. We wanted to explore a new village, but didn't know anyone in this area or places that we could stay. As we drove up the mountain, we came upon a group of men working along the side of the road. We stopped to say hello, and the men told us that we should turn around, because all of the hostels were closed for the cold season. Our group decided to continue anyways. As we continued to drive, I noticed that one of the men had jumped into the car behind us. Eventually we came upon a locked gate. At this point, we began to think that perhaps it really would be best to just turn around and go back. However, the man who had gotten into our second car jumped out and swiftly unlocked the gate. Amazed, we drove through the newly unlocked gate. Before long, we came upon a second locked gate. Again, we thought it might be time to turn back, but the man proceeded to unlock the second gate. Excited, we continued on and came to a third locked gate. Just as he had with the two gates before, the man from the road unlocked the third and final gate. Just when we thought this moment could not get any more surreal, the man told us that he is the direct descendant of the king of that village. There are towers in the village (pictured at the top of this email) that were used during warring times, and the man's house was connected to the tallest tower, which always belongs to the king. The man invited us to stay the night in his home, and we hope to go back and visit him again soon.

This is the way our Father works. He opens the locked gates. He leads us straight to the chief's house. Nothing is impossible for Him, and I imagine He has a good bit of fun watching us sit in awe and wonder at what He chooses to do. My heart is growing in trust and confidence as I live to bring glory to the King of Open Doors.